Wednesday, 24 March 2010


It's my first BJD Cinnamon. My first BJD ever. It's an experiment.
I am not sure if I will menage this project till the end but I will try to.
I can't show you how it's made as it is not my methode, I am learning to do that according to Aidamaris Roman tutorial which is not publicated yet in full.
So I am waiting :) but I couldn't help myself and I painted it already to see where I am going with it...
I will try to do the head on my own without tutorial. I tried the legs but it's not what it should be so I will be patient to see Aidamaris idea :)

ok, here it is so far.... it's painted but not glossed yet and I might paint it partially again so please note it's not finished part yet ;)


Anonymous said...

Ah your taking Goddess Dreams tutorial huh? Love her stuff. I've wanted one of her fairies on Ebay forever and ever. Great job! Can't wait to see how it turns out! - G

Nesca said...

Lovely,lovely Gia, yes, i am enjoying Aida's tutorial, it's really easy to follow so far comparing to what i followed before. And I am fan of her too !!! I hope i will accomplish this mission with succes :)

Sue said...

Very provocative and intriquing piece! Love it.


peter richard harren said...


nati said...

Simply amazing!!!